Aluvion Energies LLC is an international energy project and business development consulting firm focused on optimizing the existing energy industry by integrating our existing technology and infrastructure with the agricultural, biotechnology, and high technology sectors to create sustainable and innovative strategies for advanced energy solutions.

Aluvion Energies is able to handle a diverse set of challenges and opportunities by leveraging the broad experience, cross-cultural leadership and deal making skills of its founder as a consulting engineer, vice president, general counsel, chief operating officer, advisor and representative for major public energy corporations and early stage renewable energy start-up companies that have included Chevron, Tesoro, Unocal, BHP Billiton, Imperium Renewables, Rentech, Airline Jet Fuel Consortiums, Solazyme, Hawaiian Electric and other energy and cleantech ventures.

Energy and infrastructure experience includes:

  • Refining and Marketing M&A in Hawaii, Mainland U.S. and SE Asia
  • Petroleum and biorefining project and business development
  • Public utility, DOE and DOD RFP and BAA responses
  • Off-take, feedstock, EPC, power, JDA and collaborative business development
  • Sugar cane, jatropha, and other indigenous biomass & feedstock development/sourcing
  • EA/EIS, permits, community outreach and external affairs
  • Competitive assessment (including LNG) and strategic planning for business and project development
  • Ground, air and marine transportation and PUC regulated power generation fuel supply
  • Environmental and operational federal, state and local regulatory compliance
  • Tug & barge, oil tanker, oil spill & subsea pipeline maritime issues
  • Jet fuel hydrant fuel system and underground fuel pipelines
  • Pipeline, truck and marine transportation and storage of fuel
  • Crisis management, incident investigation and external affairs at energy facilities
  • RSB, RSPO, ISCC sustainability certifications for biofuels and feedstocks
  • Fuel transportation and refining supply chain strategies
  • Management of technical and legal consultants
  • Business development and government grant administration in the U.S. and SE Asia
  • Start-up company management consulting and interim executive services
  • Early stage through IPO SEC S-1 funding process for start-up companies
  • Founding member of U.S. DOE Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative